American Capital Markets Dream

Chinese stocks have taken the US stock markets by storm over the last two decades and American investors have jumped on the bandwagon. It has not all been a dream scenario for Chinese companies interested to list in the American capital markets, but all in all the stock listings experiment is a success. Despite a … Read more

New Age Love Affair

All eyes were on the China-Philippine Summit as the leaders of both countries built important new bridges for future cooperation. No one knew what to expect when the straight talking, controversial President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte flew into China with an entourage of 400 businessmen lining up to sign billions of dollars of deals … Read more

GHC Asia opens Chengdu office

GHC Asia, one of the top independent communications agencies in the region, is opening a new branch in Chengdu, its fourth in Greater China and sixth across Asia, the Marketing Magazine has reported. The Chengdu office will work on national accounts such as Ritz-Carlton and LUX Resorts. It will also develop the presence of overseas … Read more

Ford Faces Fierce Competition

Ford Motor Co. suffered an 11% YoY demand drop in April. Regardless of the drop, Ford’s SUV sales are shooting through the roof. Ford Ecosport, Kuga, Edge, Explorer, and Everest are among the top selling SUVs so far this year. This strong demand for SUVs has pushed other auto companies to introduce their own SUVs. … Read more

Relocating Japanese Supply Chains

The idea has been floating around that Canada could stand to gain some business and investment from Japan as it encourages its companies to shift supply chains away from China due to COVID-19. However, according to leading trade experts, this is not a realistic scenario. This idea was initially floated after Tokyo decided to offer … Read more

Sibur-Sinopec JV Positive

Sibur, a Russian gas processing and petrochemicals company, has hailed its cooperation with China‘s Sinopec. Dimitry Konov, Chairman of Sibur’s Management Board, feels the experience of running a JV with Sinopec has been a positive one. Konov claims the feedback from Sinopec’s Chinese colleagues has been valuable, and helped navigate the plant’s production. This JV … Read more

Satellite Examines Ghost Cities

Recently satellite images indicate that China still has a startling number of vacant real estate developments and ghost cities. The images closely examined some Chinese cities to show which areas are progressing and which are not. Ghost cities in China have been making headlines for years now. Some view the deserted cities as a strong … Read more

Wang Jianlin Loses on Investment

Wang Jianlin has lost more nearly US$30 million from a deal signed in Spain three years ago. Wanda Hotel Development Co. Ltd. recently announced it had sold its stake in Plaza de Espana 19 Development SLU to Spanish property company Baraka Global Invest SLU. Plaza de Espana previously consisted of a luxury hotel, a business … Read more

Rental Market Clamp Down

China will cut financial risks in the rental housing market by tightening lending to rental housing companies and capping the ratio of their rental income from loans taken by tenants at 30%. The Chinese government has strongly promoted the rental housing market since 2017 to address housing affordability as home prices skyrocketed across the country. … Read more

Daxing Airport Opens

The first flights took off from Beijing’s new Daxing International airport today – an airport that cost US$63 billion to build and is roughly the size of 100 football fields. It is set to become one of the world’s busiest airports. The airport is shaped like a phoenix, and was designed by famed Iraqi-born architect … Read more