Property Market Used to Stabilize Growth

As China’s economy continues to struggle in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, clients are increasingly asking if authorities will use the property market to support growth. Supposedly, this is not going to happen. The central bank, for one, explicitly noted in its Q4 monetary policy that the property market will not be used as … Read more

Companies Rethink China Reliance

Whatever outcome China and the US reach on the trade war, US President Donald Trump has achieved a big victory: companies are beginning to rethink their reliance on China. The two sides are getting closer to reaching an agreement, and Trump announced that an “epic” trade pact could be weeks away. Still, in the face … Read more

BankerBay Expands to China

Leading investment banking platform BankerBay is opening its first China office in Shanghai and has appointed Pin Li, a seasoned executive, as CEO of its China operations. The company was founded in 2014 and has experienced phenomenal growth rates over the past year and a half. BankerBay is thrilled with this expansion, and CEO Romesh … Read more

Phase One Trade Deal Signed

US businesses and farmers are thrilled that a phase one economic and trade deal has been announced by the US and China. “This is an encouraging first phase that puts a floor under further deterioration of the bilateral relationship,” notes US-China Business Council President Craig Allen. The deal is widely seen as a very positive … Read more

MICE: Double-Digit Dynamic

China’s MICE sector faces challenges on all sorts of levels, but the industry’s underlying growth story remains strong Despite concerns over an economic slowdown in China, and the continuing impact of the government’s official austerity drive, China’s underlying economic growth continues to nurture an active business community. The development of this community and their projects … Read more

Dialogue With The Last Governor

Chris Patten will go down in history as the last gatekeeper of the last major British colony and his work in Hong Kong is a legacy to China’s “One Country, Two System” success. For those watching the rain-drenched Hong Kong Handover ceremony two decades ago on the misty shores of Victoria Harbor, Central’s skyscrapers looming … Read more

CCCDR Structural Issues Addressed

Monday’s CCCDR meeting did more than discuss the coronavirus pandemic – it also passed four documents on larger structural issues: a plan for reforming the ChiNext stock exchange, a plan for protecting and restoring major national ecosystems, guidelines for promoting health development for younger people and an implementation plan of major reform measures. The ChiNext … Read more

United Kingdom: Spectrum of Cooperation

AS EVER-GROWING numbers of Chinese companies and individuals look overseas for investment opportunities, countries around the world are hoping to take advantage of the opportunities that this investment might bring. As such, when Wang Jianlin, China’s richest man, told the BBC in March of this year that the UK was the best place in the … Read more

The US$46 Billion Silk Handshake

The emerging Silk Road relationship between Pakistan and China is an Asian economic pact that is unprecedented in scope and impact. The importance of the China state visit to Pakistan in April 2015 was immediately apparent when the Air China flight carrying President Xi Jinping entered Pakistani airspace to be escorted by eight Pakistani Air … Read more

Questioning Victoria’s BRI Support

Victoria signed on to China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) without any consultation with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. A spokesperson for the department noted that they were advised by Victoria the day that it was signed and announced. Victoria’s decision to join China’s BRI is not one that international partners are taking … Read more