Cybersecurity Law Changes

The most recent changes to China’s cyber security law took effect on 1 June. Many experts and business professionals are confused by the law and feel as though not enough information was provided before it was implemented. This is a large issue, as failure to comply can result in fines as high as US$150,000. The … Read more

Recruitment: The Human Factor

DESPITE A pronounced slowdown in the economy, market conditions are still buoyant for recruitment agencies operating in China. According to a report by recruitment firm Hays, 94.5 per cent of employers in China expect similar or increased levels of permanent hiring over the next 12 months. This holds true across a broad range of sectors, … Read more

Thailand: Rice to Riches

On the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Thailand and China a new economic era is in place to fortify a unique relationship built on ancestral roots and business ties The date is July 1, 1975. The Thai Airways jet is loaded with the country’s leading politicians and businessmen. The pilots are … Read more

Starbucks’ Tough Year

Starbucks Corp., among many other multinationals, has had a challenging start to the year. When COVID-19 began spreading across the United States, Starbucks began closing its locations or at least restricted them to delivery only. The hit was felt in China, too, and management deserves credit for being extremely proactive by closing down 80% of … Read more

Comvita Struggles

The success of Comvita, New Zealand’s biggest manuka honey maker, is largely tied to China’s grey channel. The company enjoyed steady sales for years, but cracks started to emerge in 2016 when Comvita encountered challenging trading conditions. Sales dropped significantly due to a slowdown in NZ’s distribution channels to China. Worse yet, due to poor … Read more

Stock vs. Property

The last time Mainland shares plummeted from such dizzying heights property prices followed suit, but this time around we could be headed for a different result The world watched on in horror this summer as a whopping US$3 trillion in Chinese wealth disappeared within the space of a month thanks to the meltdown of the … Read more

Alipay to operate in Taiwan

Mainland-based electronic payment platform Alipay received official approval for payment service in Taiwan in Q4 2015. Alipay’s operator, Ant Financial, made the announcement in late October without providing specifics. Alipay and E. SUN Commercial Bank will work together on the QR mobile payment service to over 3000 shopping malls and convenience stores where Chinese tourists … Read more

Roots Rock Rama

The story of two kings represents the close ties that the people of China have to the Thai nation and explains the nation’s rise from the turmoil of the 18th century Every year on December 28 the King of Thailand pays special homage to King Taksin the Great’s statue at the central traffic circle in … Read more

The Road to Dubai Riches

THIS MONTH, Dubai Week held its inaugural event in Beijing in a campaign to highlight bilateral ties and opportunities for Chinese investors in business, tourism, culture and lifestyle industries in the Emirates. A star studded cast of politicians, economists and businessmen showed up for the opening, as Beijing’s The Orange in Sanlitun South was transformed … Read more