Shanghai Internships

The road to success is full of trials. If you want a bright future, then a good education is what you need. Shanghai Interns is one institution that is dedicated in helping you fulfil your dreams. Shanghai Interns is located in the heart of China, the city of Shanghai. Shanghai is the largest city in … Read more

Foreign construction firms in China, A Local Game

In a competitive local market, Western construction and engineering firms are defining themselves by their unique specialities to attract clients. IN HIS book, “Details Decide Success or Failure,” Chinese author Wang Zhongqiu describes two different subway lines. One was opened to the public in 1995 and has since operated perfectly, but the other, built five … Read more

Chongqing generous government investment

Chongqing generous government investment is transforming the bustling city of Chongqing into an economic dynamo. +66970583746 Besides astonishing natural scenery of weathered karst hills, deep gorges and mountain landscapes, Chongqing is increasingly known for its roaring economic expansion. According to Philip Wu, Managing Director of property consultant CBRE Western China, Chongqing’s GDP reached some Rmb1.4 … Read more

China The New Silk Road Economic Belt

RECENT BUSINESS travels took me to a part of the world I had never had the pleasure of seeing before – Central Asia. As I wound my way from the resource-rich, bustling Kazakh commercial capital of Almaty to the magical Uzbek cities of Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent, I could appreciate the underlying reasons for the … Read more

China simplifies pension renewal for overseas citizens

Chinese retirees residing abroad now have an easier time processing the renewal of pension qualifications. Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security official Lang Xinzhou said the simpler procedure is intended to basically to demonstrate the government’s respect to the nation’s retirees. Pensioners do not have to show retirement certificates, or “proof of living,” to … Read more